Modeling complex scenarios
to build practical solutions

Climate change related issues and growing complexity and uncertainties in the global market require now, more than ever, a rigorous assessment of externalities, opportunities and risks related to investments. In-depth analysis of policy framework, economic structures and business environment become crucial to drive timely decisions on projects' viability for all stakeholders to pursue financial, social and environmental sustainability.
OpenEconomics responds to this growing need, in a framework of independence, transparency and objectivity, developing and applying advanced methodologies to evaluate projects' impacts in terms of non-financial indicators and contributing to build effective financing solutions.

Team and People

Our team has a successful record as advisor of private companies, governments and multilateral banks. Our key persons are:

Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo

Scientific Director

Raffaele Nardone

Chief Executive Officer

Gianluca Calvosa

Managing Director

Dino Ferrarese

Inv. Externalities Assessment

Chiara D’Orazi

Impact Finance Arrangement

Vincenza Montemurro

Project Finance Management

Essential reference of books and articles.


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Over 20 books, 100 papers and articles in international journals, 50 chapter in books and encyclopedias. Click for details.